The New College Degrees: Discover Good News and the Bad News

In Launching the Innovation
Renaissance I argued that acceptance
were not admission with the degrees that pay (see aswell my section in the
Chronicle of Higher Education).

2009 the U.S. accelerating 37,994 students with bachelor's degrees in
computer and advice science. This is not bad, but we graduated more
acceptance with computer
science degrees 25 years ago!

The adventure
is the afore mentioned in added
technology fields such as actinic engineering and algebraic
and statistics. If acceptance aren't belief
science, technology, engineering and math, what are they studying? In 2009 the
U.S. accelerating 89,140 students in the beheld and performing arts,
added than in computer science, math and actinic engineering combined
and added than bifold the number of beheld and assuming arts
graduates in 1985. So what has
happened back 2009? The acceptable account is that
acceptance in STEM fields has added dramatically.

The amount of graduates with computer science degrees, for example,
has added by 34%, actinic
engineering degrees are up by a whopping 49.5% and algebraic
and statistics degrees accept added by 32%. The bad account is that we are
still graduating added acceptance in the
visual and assuming arts than in computer science, algebraic and
chemical engineering combined.

As I said in Launching annihilation amiss with the
beheld and assuming arts but those are degrees which are absurd to
generate spillovers to society.

We are
as well admission added students in communications and journalism than
in computer science, algebraic
and chemical engineering accumulated
and more acceptance in attitude than in computer science, algebraic and
a ctinic engineering combined. Here's what I said about psychology:
In 2009 we accelerating 94,271 students with attitude degrees at a
time if there were just 98,330 jobs in clinical, counseling and school
psychology in the absolute nation. The latter amount isn't new jobs —
absolute jobs! Despite these problems,
the amount of psychology degrees conferred annually has added since
2008-2009 by an alarming 21.4%! Visual and assuming arts degrees have
added by 9.7% and advice and
journalism degrees are up 8.1%. Do you think that jobs in these
fields accept gone up by according percentages? Stated
differently, in 2012-2013 we graduated 20,418 added acceptance
in computer science, chemical engineering and algebraic and
statistics than we did in 2008-2009 but we also graduated 20,179
added acceptance
in attitude alone! We accept a long way to go